Surgical Skills Hawaii offers standard operating room tables and surgical equipment and instruments required for nearly all orthopedic arthroplasty procedures and standard trauma type cases. Surgical lighting, personal protective equipment and fluoroscopic imaging (C-arm) are available for assessment of implant positioning.  

Our Services

Resident Surgical Training

SSH offers surgical training opportunities for resident level surgeons. Basic and advanced exposure techniques regarding all major joints or extremities can be accommodated. Training and familiarization with specific implant and trauma systems can be arranged to help residents obtain greater understanding and a higher level of performance regarding specific surgeries of interest.

The purpose of these courses are to provide resident surgeons advanced training prior to specialty specific rotations to help maximize their learning during specialty specific surgical rotations.

Advanced Surgical Training

Attending surgeons interested in advancing their familiarization or efficiency regarding specific implant systems will find many opportunities are available at SSH. In addition, to opportunities to explore and improve efficiency, supplemental technologies such as computer assisted hip and knee targeting systems, portable navigation systems, robotic or augmented reality systems can be arranged for use during surgical training sessions. 

Practicing surgeons can utilize the services offered thru SSH to gain valuable cadaveric training experience with new technologies or implant systems prior to adoption for use in clinical practice.

Research & Education

SSH offers a large and comfortable conference space with a large television screen and refreshment area to facilitate educational lectures or presentation of research for discussion and education. Surgical techniques or videos can be displayed for demonstrations and teaching purposes. The space can be used for small (8-10) person professional meetings if desired. Food and drinks can be provided.

Research studies/projects requiring cadaver use can be arranged and interested entities should inquire to determine feasibility of the proposed research.